We are very excited to offer pasture raised pork. If you have tried our chickens you know how much time and energy we spend on producing the best quality and best tasting meat. Pork is no different. They will be rotational grazed in our pasture. Once they arrive on our farm, as piglets they are only fed the top quality organic feeds similar to what the chickens receive. We are also providing supplemental feed from our garden! Pork is sold by the pound hanging weight or as individual cuts at our farm stand.

Our pork is sold by the whole share, or half share for $5 per pound hanging weight. Hanging weight for a whole averages around 160-200 pounds. You will receive  approximately 140-170 of packaged meat for your freezer. Cut and wrap is paid directly to the butcher. We transport pigs to the butcher. Your meat will be picked up directly from butcher.

To order pork please place deposit below. We have whole and half shares available. Ask us about payment plan options.