First Blooms.

I can't believe how fast winter is flying by, With moving our farm and the expansion of new and existing products we have been busy! I feel like our last chicken harvest was just yesterday!

As I walked out the door to my day job last week, I noticed a beautiful bloom on my neighbors rose tree(not technical term I'm sure). I have always loved the first flowers of late winter/early spring. Now with us being involved with farming they bring a whole new set of feelings than they did before.  

With the blooms I feel excitement! The fuzzy baby chicks will be here shortly. Their sweet little "cheep cheeps" still warm my heart. Tiny little piglets will be running through the pasture in delight! The bees will be buzzing producing there magical honey and pollinating our garden! SO EXCITING!!!

Along with the excitement comes the urgency. "Holy Smokes I Have So Much Left To do". With our expansion has come so much more to do!  We recently finished our pig infrastructure. Water, feeder and mobile hog shelter are ready to roll! We still need to put up our training fence for the pigs.  We finished building and painting the new bee hives this week. We will have new bees arriving in early April. Our goal is to be at 30 hives going into next winter! The farm will be buzzing to say the least! 

As busy as things are, we are absolutely loving the farming life! We love being able to provide our family and yours  with food that is grown sustainably here on our farm!

What do the first blooms mean to you?